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Kannonkoski Karstula Kinnula Kivijärvi Kyyjärvi Pihtipudas Viitasaari

Welcome to nature experiences in Sydänsuomi!

Sydänsuomi is suitable for you who love pure nature and silence in the middle of lakes and wilderness. Our barren swamp nature is at the deepest core of Finnishness, and it takes its visitors to their own selves. Inexperienced, wild nature offers a counterbalance to the burdened experiencers of our time. By travelling here, you always support local entrepreneurship. 

We have two unique and peaceful national parks here, Salamajärvi National Park and Pyhä-Häkki. Salamajärvi National Park is known as the kingdom of wild forest reindeer, which is why many trails are named after deer. If you are lucky, you can encounter this mystical animal along the nature trail. Pyhä-Häkki is known for its ancient primeval forests. There you can follow in the footsteps of the ancient elves.


In the heart of Finland, you can stay and recharge your batteries in unique locations in the middle of wilderness nature. How about a night in nature luxury in a Niliaitta or glamping tent? For more traditional accommodation, there are also hotels and cottages in the area. 


There are several local food producers in the heart of Finland. You can find these products conveniently at the Syvänmaa local product store in Kinnula Parliament or LähiKontti, Karstula, for example. The cuisine of Sydänsuomalainen consists of fish and game dishes as well as forest flavours. In addition to more special eateries, you will also find traditional lunch restaurants in our area. 

Programme services

Programme services in the heart of Finland are often offered close to nature, getting to know the local nature and way of life. In addition to traditional fishing and hiking, you can experience narrative wellness experiences. We are also part of the sauna region of Central Finland, so sauna bathing and well-being services provided in the sauna are an important part of our culture. 

Sydänsuomi in figures:

  • 7 municipalities of Northern Central Finland
  • 5,048 km² land area
  • 401,100 hectares of forest
  • 18,485 inhabitants 1500 entrepreneurs
  • 816 lakes
  • one Pihtiputaan Mummo (Pihtipudas’s Grandmother)

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