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Euroopan unionin osarahoittama
Keski-Suomen liitto

Kannonkoski Karstula Kinnula Kivijärvi Kyyjärvi Pihtipudas Viitasaari


In the heart of Finland, the size of a plot corresponds to half of a city block, but the price of a house is not half that of a city. In the heart of Finland, the doors and wheels of a house may remain unlocked, and the neighbour is not feared, but helped. In the heart of Finland, children can travel to school without worries, and commuters have their eyes resting on the surrounding nature. In the heart of Finland, people also spend a lot of time in holiday homes, and multi-location life succeeds well thanks to our optical fibre network. 

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The growth of nature tourism is pursued in the Heart of Finland

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Summer residents and visitors are looking for service providers in our area!

Hello entrepreneur / operator in our are, would you like your own company presentation on this page?
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