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Kannonkoski Karstula Kinnula Kivijärvi Kyyjärvi Pihtipudas Viitasaari

Regional Office for Networking and Innovations

Regional Office for Networking and Innovations connects big investment projects with the local companies and business networks of Sydänsuomessa and Kaustinen regions. The digital service developed by and together with Kaustinen Region is now open to the companies of Sydänsuomessa region. The service is brought to you by Interregional change and growth program: business networks and services as an engine of vitality and effective change -project.

The goal of the Regional Office for Networking and Innovations is to facilitate local companies’ participation in the subcontracting networks of major investment projects such as wind and solar power plants. The networking service brings together companies interested in participating in the networks and subcontracting chains of major project operators.

The need for this service arose when development companies and municipal economic developers were asked for information about local companies, and this information needed to be easily accessible to the major project operators. It is excellent that the service is now available to companies in the Sydänsuomi area.

The Regional Office for Networking and Innovations facilitates the inclusion of local companies in the subcontracting networks of major projects.

The service brings together actors from different fields across municipal and regional boundaries, and the service is also available and promoted to major project operators. The Regional Office for Networking and Innovations lists companies operating in the Kaustinen region and the Heart of Finland area that are interested in participating in major projects. The service also includes news, links, and direct requests for proposals related to major projects. Therefore, companies are encouraged to create their profiles on the service and follow the page regularly!

How can one register into the service?

It’s easy. Go to and sign up. The service is also available in English. All you need for registration is an email address and a phone number. You can browse the companies and accommodation listings registered on the service even without registering.

To complete your profile, you only need the basic information about your company, such as the business ID, address, website (if any), turnover and the number of employees. Additionally, please select the services your company offers and any quality and safety certifications from the available options. You can also upload a separate file with a company presentation or describe the services your company offers in your own words.

Showcase your accommodation services on Suurhanketoimisto

Due to the growing demand for accommodation services, private individuals can now also offer their accommodations on Entrepreneurs can distinguish themselves from private individuals with a broader range of services, such as breakfast and restaurant services. For those searching for information, it is clearly indicated at the beginning of the listing whether the accommodation provider is a business or a private individual, as many B2B companies may require dealing exclusively with other businesses.

The Interregional Change and Growth Program in the Kaustinen and Sydänsuomessa Regions 2023–2026

The Interregional Change and Growth Program addresses the ongoing systems change situation, driven by the energy transition and major renewable energy projects. The measures in the Change  and Growth Program promote new, growth-oriented, and employment-generating businesses, strengthen business expertise related to a carbon-neutral economy, and develop new product and service concepts. These measures address the needs identified in the regional JTF plan, support the development of new business networks, and renew business services in the changing situation created by the on-going energy transition. Additionally, the project promotes cross-regional cooperation to improve the regions’ attractiveness and competitiveness.

Ensure your company’s visibility in the service now and register for free!

The Interregional Change and Growth Program


Kaustisen seutukunta, Kehittämisyhtiö Witas Oy ja Jyväskylän yliopiston Kokkolan yliopistokeskus Chydenius


The Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia and The Regional Council of Central Finland with the Just Transition Fund from the European Union. Also funded by the municipalities of Kaustinen and Sydänsuomessa Regions and the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius.




Sydänsuomessa region: Kannonkoski, Karstula, Kinnula, Kivijärvi, Kyyjärvi, Pihtipudas ja Viitasaari

Kaustinen region: Kaustinen, Halsua, Toholampi, Veteli, Lestijärvi

Euroopan unionin osarahoittama
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