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Keski-Suomen liitto

Huopanankoski charms the summer visitor with its history, rapids and fish

Huopanankoski is a small, idyllic village on the western corner of Viitasaari. It’s right next to Road 77, so it’s easy for summer adventurers to stop by to enjoy the rapids scenery, the nationally famous sausage fries and the old mill’s stopped time.

Entrepreneur Taru Siekkinen has a head full of touristic ideas for developing Huopanankoski’s milieu. Having spent time in the area since childhood, Taru describes working with the touch as a matter of the heart.

There is quite a service complex woven around the waterfall and a few buildings. Entrepreneur Taru Siekkinen is the multitasking woman at Huopanankoski’s kiosk. From a kiosk, he sells food and foodstuffs to the hungry, fishing licenses to sports fishermen from all over Finland, and organizes parties and accommodation.

Individual accommodation in Huopanankoski is offered by the old village store, which is right on the small side of the rapids. On the other side of the village road, in the corner of another village store, this summer there is an escape room where clues are drawn from the life of Juhani Aho for the players.

This summer, the groups get to solve mysteries in the trail of Juhani Aho in the escape room game.

Village like outdoor museum

The most photographed building in the Koski landscape is probably the old mill. Its three floors offer a wonderful view of the rapids through the old checkered windows. There are also history boards in different parts of the village, which allow you to get to know the past decades and centuries in Huopanankoski in more detail.

You can ride the historic village route with, for example, “city bikes” borrowed from a kiosk, which, according to the entrepreneur, have been renovated from old scraps.  On the street you might also come across this summer’s “wolt innovation”: the entrepreneur’s 16-year-old son transports stall food to diners’ tables on a moped for a fee.

The idyllic village atmosphere calms and enchants the casual traveler.

Rapids are ranked in Top5 in Finland

Huopanankoski’s customers are mainly cottagers in the area, but tourists come to the small village from all directions. Taru Siekkinen says that during Midsummer week there were visitors from Turku, Polvijärvi and a cyclist from Porvoo.

The entrepreneur enjoys talking to customers. Most people say that they come to Huopanankoski because of the natural peace and beautiful scenery. The rapid is also ranked among the best in Finland among sports fishermen.

“Can permits be reserved for next year?”, a group of fishermen from Seinäjoki and Tampere ask hopefully. Fishermen who have been to Huopanankoski for several years describe the place as legendary in its reputation, where you should reserve permits as soon as they become available for sale.

The old mill invites you to stop by the sound of the rapids.