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Euroopan unionin osarahoittama
Keski-Suomen liitto

Salamajärvi National Park, the treasure of Central Finland

Suo’s song comes from northern Central Finland, Central Finland. Salamajärvi National Park is the largest wilderness area in southern Finland, with large monkey meadows and untouched forest ponds. You can walk in the footsteps of Stone Age herders on the hiking trails in the neves and primeval forests, as they did thousands of years ago. Like the heart of Finland, our national park is also small and idyllic, and there everything important is safe and secure.

The most significant of the marshes in the national park is the Heikinjärvenneva , from the nature tower you can observe the tumult of the marsh waking up in spring and the life of abundant waders, cranes, forest geese and whooper swans on the marsh. The most significant area representing forest nature is the Koirajoki aarni area , where many species of small birds thrive, such as the finch, willow bird, and sparrowhawk.

Deer are a familiar sight in Salamajärvi National Park and the fens of Central Finland. Photo: Juha Sahlgren

Wander in the kingdom of the forest deer

Soft tupas wools wave in the wind, waving to welcome the newcomer. When hiking on an early summer morning, you can enjoy the wonderful concert of little birds. You can get to know the wonderful nature of the national park on numerous routes of different lengths, starting from the 2-kilometer round of Vasa to the 58-kilometer long round of Hirva . If you’re lucky on the way, you can see the park’s namesake animal, the gallant red deer , which inhabits the swamps and forests of the national park. The forest deer leads its travelers on a mystical journey to their innermost self, helping them to find gentleness towards themselves. There are desert huts and cabins along the hiking trails, where you can spend the night surrounded by nature, under the starry sky.

Accommodation is available in nearby rental cabins and in the Koirasalmi Nature Reserve located in the middle of the park , which is a versatile guide center with services. The Koirajärvi surrounding the nature hut have been important fishing spots since ancient times. Today, Koirajärvi are popular recreational fishing destinations, where you can catch trout and whitefish. 

In Salamajärvi National Park, you can go hiking on your own and on shorter routes and on nature trails, you can also have adventures with children, getting to know nature and occasionally taking a snack break at a campfire. In addition, the most versatile selection is available, as well as more traditional hiking, mountain bike, skiing and canoeing trips, as well as newer hiking retreats and wellness trips.

I grew stronger in the lands of the forest spirits

The smells of the swamp take over, reviving the tired. On a health forest trip or a forest bath, you dive into the arms of the forest, getting a break from busy everyday life and finding new strength in the middle of nature. You can learn more about the history and nature of the national park on tours organized especially for this purpose. The history of Stone Age residences, tar cremation graves or savotte cabins then opens up in a completely new way. In the lands of the forest spirits, you wander under the wings of ancient fables and spells. 

The trip to the land of forest spirits is part of the Syvänmaa product family. Photo: Anne Kalliola

In the fall, there are bountiful berry harvests in the wilderness, and Hillats and cranberries are waiting to be picked in the marshes. Until later in the fall, nature falls into hibernation. Then you can experience complete silence, and on a November day, when hiking in the twilight, you can imagine that you saw a forest elf or a nightingale glimmering in the trees. Perhaps they live in old tar pits or corrugated iron barns, which can still be seen in the area from the traces of former inhabitants.

The song of the swamp remains in the visitor’s heart. It invites you to go deeper into Finnishness and your own roots. In Sydänsuomi, you can really experience something authentic and original Supi-Finnish suoma and empowering experiences.

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