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International students fell in love with Kyyjärvi’s employers

In recent months, international students pursuing higher education degrees in Jyväskylä have shown a wide interest in the Sydänsuomessa region. The young people have already gotten to know employers in the area four times when they visited Viitasaari, Karstula, Kinnula, Kannonkoski and Kyyjärvi.

Sunny Kyy York embraced international visitors.

In Kyyjärvi, the students first got to know a company called Jokisuu Works, which manufactures pontoon floors from Finnish wood for private customers, construction companies and building supply stores.

Sakari Parkkonen, one of the company’s four partners, told the students that a floor made of high-quality wood lasts for decades.

– Since we don’t use chemicals in floor manufacturing, if you get tired of your floor after two hundred years of use, you can burn it in an oven, Sakari amused his listeners.

Sakari presented the entire factory from the drying room to the planing room. The company from Kyyjärvi recycles all wood waste material by burning it in a heating plant: the heat coming from the heating plant dries the lumber coming from the sawmills to just the right moisture content of 8%. If necessary, the dryer can also dry klapi, which is produced by the Veljekset Parkkonen company operating in the same yard area at the Lennun klapi company.

Wood industry companies already have experience with international employees, and during their visit the students got to know, for example, a Ukrainian couple who works in the woodworking business.

Most of the fire wood production in Kyyjärvi is sold to Southern Finland and is bought online.

Kyyjärvi Camping enchants visitors during summer

Next, the students honed their marketing skills at Kyyjärvi Camping. Kyyjärvi Camping offers accommodation in a magical company during the summer. The company is seasonal, as its owner Roope Valden himself spends the winters in the capital region.

Roope asked the students to come up with marketing methods to get new visitors to the camping site. During the group work, the slogan “Free Monday” emerged, which could be used to attract tourists to Kyyjärvi on the quietest day of the week, for example with one free night of accommodation. One night would be free if visitors stayed in the area for, for example, three nights.

Thank you for visiting Sydänsuomi and welcome again!

JAMK’s lector Susanna Riekkinen and Kyyjärvi Campingin entrepreneur Roope Valden motivated international students in workshop to come up with new marketing strategies in order to new people discover Sydänsuomessa.